RPN Calc


A free RPN (reverse polish notation) calculator.

RPN calculators does not use parenthesis and requires less key pressing than usual calculators. For example 3 * (7 - 5) + 2 in RPN is 7 5 - 3 * 2 +.

This calculator offers three display formats:


◦scientific: number always displayed with Exx

◦engineer: number displayed with Exx format where xx is a multiple of 3.

You toggle between these three formats by pressing the "Format" key.


To calculate 1/(1+sqrt(2)) do the following:

◦press 1

◦press ENTER

◦press 2

◦press sqrt

◦press 1

◦press +

◦press /

To calculate sin(π/3) do the following:

◦press π

◦press 3

◦press /

◦press sin